The best of sports: Premium concept, top-range services, experienced and high-skilled professionals, new-generation equipment, and exclusive group classes, in an intimate decor 100 % dedicated to your comfort.

Join the PURE experience at:

    • Chemin du Champ-des-Filles, 36, 1228 PLAN-LES-OUATES, 022 300 69 69
    • Mon-Fri: 6:30 - 21:30 / Sat - Sun: 8:00 - 18:00

Since May 15, 2018, PLAN-LES-OUATES is under the banner ACTIV FITNESS.


In recent months, ACTIV FITNESS has conducted an in-depth analysis of the situation of Silhouette Wellness SA, the market and the different clubs to determine the appropriate measures for a successful future. On this way, Direction decided to use PURE SPORTS CLUB Plan-Les-Ouates under the name ACTIV FITNESS, a brand with undeniable success. For a progressive integration, the services included in your subscription remain the same until the expiry of your contract:

  • CUSTOMIZED follow-ups and advice from qualified Personal Trainers.
  • COMPLETE ACCESS to the different WELLNESS areas.
  • TOWELS and hygiene products.
  • The FLEX option if previously subscribed.