Are you too busy, are you afraid to not be disciplined enough, are your expectations high?

For every need there's a solution!

With the help of a personal trainer, enjoy 100% personalised training for maximum effectiveness.

A personal trainer, for whom?

Scéance de personnal training

If you want to lose weight, build your muscles, get rid of stress, need physical rehabilitation*, firm up your body after a pregnancy, lessen back pain... personal training is for you!

One on one sessions, or with two or more people... your sports coach will accompany you. They will adapt to your wishes, your goals, and your timetable.

*: We work with your physio to be more effective.

A personal trainer, what for?

Being accompanied by a personal trainer is a guarantee of training that is:


  • Medical history is taken into account, as are analyses and preliminary studies
  • Tests, physical condition assessments (cardio-breathing capacity, suppleness, strength, relaxation, coordination, body structure, etc.)
  • Dietary and nutritional accompaniment upon request


  • Feedback after each session
  • Programme revised according to progress
  • Intermediate assessments


  • Personalised assessment
  • Creation of a plan of action (short, medium and long term) depending on the goals
  • Presentation of a personalised support


  • Regularity, support from your Personal Trainer
  • Measurable and measured results using highly perfected equipment

Our packs

Thanks to our bespoke packs, choose an offer depending on your objectives:

  Small Group training (from 3 to 6 participants) from CHF 25.-* per session
  Duo training from CHF 50.-* per session
  Personal training 30mn from CHF 60.-* per session
 Personal training 1h from CHF 80.-* per session

* price for information only, depending on the total number of purchased sessions

Our commitments

The Silhouette Wellness group Personal Trainers are physical and sports training professionals. They have taken specific Personal Training courses and regularly take more courses to be able to offer you the best training.