At Silhouette we want to give our members the best in sports innovation. In order to fulfil this commitment, our business strategy revolves around four fundamental values:

  • Proximity: 20 Silhouette clubs (10 in Geneva, 5 in Vaud, 5 in Zürich), 2 PURE clubs, 50 activities, 600 classes per week, and a wide ranging timetable!
    With Silhouette, sports are a part of your daily routine!
  • Pleasure: a friendly team at your service, in welcoming and refurbished premises.
    With Silhouette, sports mixes work and play!
  • Cooperation: the support of athletes and Swiss associations via sponsoring.
    With Silhouette, sports rhymes with solidarity!
  • Quality: qualified professionals pursuing developing careers, qualified class instructors and high end equipment.
    With Silhouette, sports rhymes with safety!