To offer you ever more comfort and innovation during your training sessions, Silhouette partners with key players in the field of sports and well-being

Discover below the benefits you will enjoy as a Silhouette member, as well as news from our partners.

Under Armour

Under Armour is the sportswear provider for Silhouette coaches. Silhouette members benefit from 20% reduction on Under Armour clothes bought in your Maunoir Silhouette club.

No Difference

No Difference is an association which allows handicapped youths to surpass their handicaps through martial arts practice, dancing and singing. Silhouette supports the association through sporting events (e.g. the Silhouette Challenge), or artistic events (e.g. by participating in the No Difference evening organised by the Knie circus). We are particuliarly fond of this association. Find out more on their website.