Quality equipment,

spaces fitted out to maximise the effectiveness of your training


All the silhouette clubs have a wide selection of cardio-training and body building equipment. To work the heart or the muscles, each machine combines both effectiveness, comfort, and ease of use.

To facilitate exercising, the equipment includes diagrams indicating the muscle groups that are being worked.

The cardio-training area

Innovative equipment to improve your general physical condition, work on stamina and on burning fat.
All the Silhouette clubs use machines from the leading brand, Technogym.

Body-building area

Areas dedicated to each muscle group, organised in a circuit for coherent sequencing of the different exercises and targeted muscle toning work: the upper body, the lower body and weights.
Technogym machines with controlled or free loads. Latest generation machines (Kinesis Wall...). Find the machine you need, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

The abs/stretching area

Dedicated to working the abdominal muscles and increase flexibility
As a warm up, or to cool down, this area is a must for a complete fitness session.